Switzerland Holiday packages

Switzerland Holiday Packages

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Switzerland Holiday packagesTravel to Switzerland evokes many images... flower-covered meadows, bell-ringing cows, chocolate, Heidi, and of course fairy-tale mountains! The beauty of it is, that Switzerland is all this and much, much more. There are many beautiful, intriguing places around the world, but very few are as scenic and awe-inspiring as Switzerland. It's one of those places that not only lives up to it's image, but exceeds it. The people are friendly and honest, travel is easy and reliable, the food is good, the history is rich, and to many Switzerland travel destinations seem as if they're plucked from a dream. Switzerland is a paradise for hikers, train buffs and chocolate lovers, and is a stunning destination for travelers of all stripes.

Switzerland Holiday packagesWeather

You'll need to be prepared for a range of temperatures, as the mountains create a variety of local and regional microclimates. That said, most of the country has a central European climate, with daytime temperatures around 18° to 28°C in summer and -2° to 7°C in winter. The coldest area is the Jura, in particular the Brevine Valley. By contrast, Ticino in the south has a hot Mediterranean climate.

Summer tends to bring a lot of sun, but also the most rain, and there were terrible floods in 1999 and 2005. Look out for the Föhn, a hot, dry wind that sweeps down into the valleys and can be oppressively uncomfortable (though some find its warming effect refreshing). It can strike at any time of the year, but especially in spring and autumn.
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Switzerland Holiday packages
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