Our Guarantee
Our Customer Service Guarantee

At Destination Travels, we're committed to exceptional customer service, and we're proud to have been the winner of many awards in the last two decades.

We want you to be able to work with us on YOUR time, and to have a choice in how to communicate with us--by phone, website, or email.

We believe that relationships with real people are important. When you send email to , you'll get a response back from our office staff, with their direct email address to respond to. When you call us and talk to one of our travel specialists, they'll give you their direct mobile number so that next time you call, you can talk to someone who already knows you and what you're looking for.
We Guarantee:

When you contact us, we'll respond within one business day. (More likely, it'll be within an hour, but we'll promise you at worst it'll be a day.)

When you send us a travel request, we'll respond within one business day with BOTH an email and a phone call.
If for any reason you don't feel we're living up to our reputation or our guarantee, our Director, Mr. Rohit Shorey, wants to hear from you.

Please email Rohit directly at and let him know how you feel. Making every single customer so pleased with our service that they tell all their friends is at the very core of our business philosophy.
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